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{Tales from the Romp} Survivor Crosses Finish Line with Adventure Athlete Daughter
March 19, 2009

photo: Ron Jackenthal

photo: Ron Jackenthal

“Go Team Grandma Helene!” “Go Team Grandma Helene!” chanted my niece and nephew with every step my out-of-breath mom took as she raced along the 3K Tubbs Romp to Stomp out Breast Cancer Snowshoe. That crisp, sunny morning, my mother, Helene, a breast cancer survivor who is currently battling lung cancer, strapped on snowshoes for the first time in her life.

“These are pretty cool,” she said, tapping them together fascinated with their sleek, lightweight design. “They’re not what I expected.” She envisioned wooden slabs with leather mesh. Give her a break; she lives in the Sunshine State and doesn’t see much snow.

My brother, Ron, and his family reside in Utah, so we thought snowshoeing together at the Salt Lake City Tubbs Romp on the Mountain Dell Golf Course would be terrific way to support our mom.  I flew in from New York, while our mom and other brother, Michael, left warm West Palm Beach, Florida, to Romp to Stomp together.

As we clunked to the energized starting area, music cranked and 469 spirited snowshoers shook their hips and pumped their fists. “Three … two … one… go!” We were off. Holding hands in a family chain, we thumped down the first steep hill onto the crunchy, undulating snow-covered greens. The warm sun felt great as we marched into the pod of snowshoers zigzagging along the sprawling, snow-carpeted field.

“I don’t think I can do this,” said my mom, who was out of breath and holding my arm. We were just 20 minutes in. Having undergone chemotherapy just two weeks earlier, she wasn’t at 100 percent and the thin air at 6,000 feet altitude wasn’t helping. While finishing the 3K was our goal, starting and staying together was most important.

After a brief rest and a “You can do it Grandma!” from my 9-year-old nephew and 7-year-old niece, mom rallied. We pressed on slowly and methodically, sipping the fresh mountain air. As an endurance athlete who has competed in six-day running races across the Kalahari Desert in South Africa and in Costa Rica, the Hawaii Ironman, and adventure races in Borneo and Ecuador, I know what it is to suffer. This was the first time I had ever seen my mom dig so deep, and I felt an unfamiliar athletic bond with her that is typically reserved for my fellow competitors.

At the halfway point, we met Barbara, also a breast cancer survivor, who was resting her weary feet daunted by poor circulation. She joined our posse. Further along the course, the husband of a cancer survivor gave my mom his water, peanut butter crackers, and told her “You are such an inspiration for being out here, go do your best.”

As we neared the end of the tree-lined rolling route, the finish appeared atop the steep hill we descended nearly two hours earlier. My mom was hurting. “It may be time to call the rescue snowmobile,” she said, starring up the hill while stopping to catch her breath. With my brother holding one arm and me clutching the other, we took it step-by-step with a few rest stops in between.

“Go Team Grandma Helene!” we chanted in unison. Onward we went. We inched up the hill and upon crossing under the pink finish banner, my mom collapsed into my arms as we hugged. My family piled in and from beneath came a muffled “We did it!”

–From article by adventure racer & elite athlete Stefanie Jackenthal; ClICK HERE for complete article


{Tales from the Romp} Morris & Mojo Romp ‘n Stomp
March 17, 2009

photo: Chris Wyman

photo: Chris Wyman

Although the day started out cold and gray, as the sky began to clear and turn a deep blue, the temperatures continued to fall as a stiff northwest wind battered the snowshoe hikers at the top of Vernon Peak at Mountain Creek. The event was part of the “Romp to Stomp Out Breast Cancer” Snowshoe Series.

Two very special hikers Lisa Morris of the Glenwood section of Vernon, NJ came to the New Jersey Romp to Stomp with her service dog Mojo. Although getting around with snowshoes is not really a difficult task for many people, it can be quite challenging for someone who has difficulty just getting around to begin with. Morris is making the best of her struggle with multiple sclerosis (MS) and Mojo is her tireless assistant and helps her to maintain her balance as she walks. Morris loves to get out and do things, but something like walking though the woods on snowshoes presents a potentially dangerous situation, even with Mojo’s help. The Romp to Stomp event gave her the opportunity to get out in the woods with a group of people who could be of assistance if needed. This was her first time at the event but she has been on snowshoes before.

 “With all of the people that are so involved in the outdoors, there’s a lot of encouragement for somebody like me who wants to get back out. I get cabin fever, I want to go back out,” She says.

–Excerpt taken from AIM Sussex County News Correspondent, Chris Wyman. CLICK HERE for complete article


{Tales from the Romp} 3 Friends Romp ‘n Stomp at ALL 5 Events
March 15, 2009

What happens when you match three friends with a love of snowshoeing, a passion for the cause, and unlimited airplane flights from their employer, Delta airlines? You get a trio of Romp to Stomp groupies! Mary Wood, Vivian Peplinski,& Joni Gagnon will go down in Romp history for attending every single Tubbs Romp to Stomp out Breast Cancer event in the 2009 series. Teaming up as the “Rack Pack” this trio braved the crazy New Jersey winds and biting New England cold, delighted in clear Utah skies, conquered “the hill” in Oregon, and reveled in the tasty pancakes in Colorado.

{Tales from the Romp} 7 Romps & Nearly $25,000 later
March 13, 2009

photo: Kay Beaton

photo: Kay Beaton

In the history of the Romp to Stomp, no participant has contributed more to Susan G. Komen through her fundraising efforts than Jill Overdorf. Each year, Jill travels from her hometown in Southern California to participate in the Colorado Romp to Stomp, and each year she blows everyone away with her prolific fundraising! 2009 was no exception. As the top individual fundraiser, she raised $3,615 bringing her 6-Romp total to nearly $25,000!




{Tales from the Romp} Kristen Harris: Rompin’ 10 Days After Lumpectomy
March 11, 2009

KRISTEN & FAMILY photo: Kay Beaton
photo: Kay Beaton

One of the most inspirational stories of the 2009 Romp to Stomp Series belongs to Kristen Harris, who a few months before the Romp was diagnosed with breast cancer and just ten days before underwent surgery for a lumpectomy. Supported by a slew of friends and family and first-time Rompers who dubbed themselves “Kristen’s Dudettes,” Kristen completed the entire 5k snowshoe walk with a smile and incredible sense of accomplishment knowing she was doing something she loved—snowshoeing—and supporting other women who share her journey.   


 After being diagnosed, she did what is very common for those affected by breast cancer, she logged onto There she discovered the Romp to Stomp, an event that appealed to her not only because it supported her new found cause, but also because she and her husband had been snowshoeing for ten years on Tubbs Snowshoes. 

If you talk with Kristen, her enthusiasm and dedication is contagious. “You kind of end up in this club you really don’t want to be in” she says describing the kinship and support she’s experienced since her diagnosis. That encouragement has empowered her to help other women, and she is currently considering more experimental treatment methods that might help other women down the road. “You almost feel like you want to take a risk.”   


Kristen’s journey with breast cancer is still in process as she makes important decisions about the best course of treatment, but thanks to the fantastic fundraising efforts of Kristen’s Dudettes at the Romp to Stomp,  her journey is no longer defined solely by a disease but by an energetic fight to end breast cancer one snowshoe step at a time.

photo: Kay Beaton

photo: Kay Beaton

COMING SOON! Romp to Stomp 2009 Series Results
March 10, 2009

We’re currently calculating the fundraising & particpant results for the 2009 Tubbs Romp to Stomp out Breast Cancer Series.  Check back soon!

We’re also compiling images of each event. If you’d like to share images, please do so on our Romp to Stomp Facebook page or email them to

Thanks to all those who participated and fundraised for the Romp this year!

Still Room for More at the Colorado Romp to Stomp!
March 5, 2009

Online registration is now closed for the Colorado Romp to Stomp. If you didn’t get a chance to register, never fear! We’ll have a limited number of registrations available the morning of the event. Just register at any of the four check-in locations (click here for participant info and instructions) for the day of registration rate of $35–cash or check ONLY make checks out to Tubbs Snowshoes.

Why not make it a fun weekend with friends and family? Spread the word with friend and family, and turn your would-have-been-boring weekend into a fun adventure filled with a free pancake breakfast, entertainment, snowshoeing, and plenty of pink to show your support in stomping out breast cancer!

Common questions about registering for the Colorado Romp to Stomp:

How do I register? Online registration is now closed. Please join us the morning of the Romp. (see question below). 

Can I register the day of the event? Yes. We’ll have a limited number of registrations available and reccomend you arrive at the Romp parking/check-in areas early (they opne at 7:30am). Day of registration cost is $35–cash or check only. Please make registration checks out to Tubbs Snowshoes.

I’m having technical difficulties registering or setting my fundraising page, what should I do and who do I contact? If you receive a message on the Romp registration site indicating that the system is running a bit slower and to try back later, please do so! You should be able to try again in a few minutes. If you continue to encounter errors, please contact’s participant tech help line at 1-877-228-4881 or email

Once I register, where can I go for information on directions, where to park, etc. etc. We’ve developed a handy Participant Info Brochure to answer these questions. Please CLICK HERE to access it. (Note: it is also availble by logging on to, clicking “Participant Info“, and then clicking “Colorado“).

One Survivor’s Inspiring Story Romping & Stomping
March 3, 2009

On Feb 7, Adventure journalist, Stefanie Jackenthal participated in an event unlike any of the elite races in which she usually competes. Along with her family, who gathered from different areas around the country, she walked at the Utah Romp to Stomp alongside her mom–a breast cancer survivor currently undergoing treatment for lung cancer–encouragine her to not give up on finishing the 3k Romp to Stomp snowshoe walk.

Click here for full article!