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Mother’s Day
May 7, 2009

This week, I’ve been making plans to celebrate Mother’s Day with my family. It hit me that during the course of the 2009 Romp Series, I met hundreds of people who aren’t able to celebrate Mother’s Day the way I can–giving my mom a hug, telling her in person just how much I love her. So many sons and daughters participate in the Romp to Stomp because they’ve lost their mothers and grandmothers to breast cancer, they’ll never celebrate Mother’s Day quite the same, and they want to join the fight by supporting Susan G. Komen through the Romp. But as I traveled to each Romp to Stomp, it also seemed that for every person Romping “in memory” of a mother, there was one Romping “in celebration”. It brought me an incredible sense of hope to know that breast cancer is being conquered. More women are surviving than ever before. And more families can celebrate Mother’s day with new appreciation. Of course the battle is not yet won. But this Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate the women in our lives that make us strive to love better, live more fully, and embrace the blessing it is to be alive.

Happy Mother’s Day to all who have lost the battle, to all who are fighting it, and especially to my own mom–thanks for traveling so far to support me at the Romp and Stomp this year!

Wendy Miller, Romp to Stomp Event Manager

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