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Remembering to Snowshoe
December 15, 2010

When I tell people I’m the event manager for the Romp to Stomp, one of the most common questions they ask is “Do you get out snowshoeing a lot?”

Sadly with all the travel I do to execute the Romp to Stomp events in the winter, it is difficult to schedule a time to get out and snowshoe for myself.

However, today the Romp to Stomp and Tubbs Snowshoes crew headed up to Snoqualmie Pass here in Washington for a snowshoe adventure. For a few hours, we were able to escape the pressures of work, the urgency of deadlines, and the orderly man-made world in which we live.

Katie (Tubbs Marketing), Me, and Kristen (Romp support staff) with BIG snowshoeing smiles!

It was a perfect day for snowshoeing: fresh powder, light snowfall, and tree branches laden with a foot of snow. Our guide was Ranger Kim, who coordinates the snowshoe programs out of Snoqualmie Pass, WA. They offer snowshoe treks Fri-Sun starting after the new year.

Ranger Kim Imparts Witner Wisdom to Scott (Tubbs Snowshoe Engineer) and Kristen.

We learned about Spring Tail bugs that live in the snow, Kim gave us tips on how to identify animal tracks, and I discovered that there’s a whole host of mammals that actually live in the snow and rarely ever come up to the surface!

We Love our Tubbs!

At the end of the day, I slid into the passenger seat of car rejuvenated, excited and re-focused on my passion for engaging people in one of my favorite outdoor activities.

The Romp season is coming fast. Soon I’ll be buzzing in and out of airports, getting up at 5am every Sat for a Romp event, and wrapping up one event, only to start another within a few days. But I’m so thankful for this day–that I could be reminded of the joys of snowshoe and that I could remind all of you!

Snowshoeing is truly a unique sport. It allows you to experience the beauties of winter without too much investment in gear or time learning to snowshoe. I encourage you to get out snowshoeing this winter before the Romp. There are glorious places to explore–and the Romp would make a great capstone to your winter adventure.

If you’re looking for some snowshoe trail suggestions, check out, which has a database of 3,200 trails all submitted by snowshoers like you!

Happy Snowshoeing!

Wendy Miller
Event Manager, Tubbs Romp to Stomp out Breast Cancer Snowshoe Series

Final shot with glimpse of glorious snowy forest. Can you spot Kristen?


December 3, 2010

Have you ever left one of the Romp to Stomp events and wished you had more Romp gear? Have you ever wished you had more pink gear to wear to the Romp? Or do you know a survivor who needs more gear to show her accomplishment of overcoming breast cancer? Well now is your chance to pick up Romp-branded merchandise that premiered at previous events!

Whether you missed out on purchasing one of the white tech shirts from last year, or wish you could have gotten a pink beanie to keep your ears warm, now is your chance to order these products. Click here to access the Romp Store. The store is also available on our main Romp website.

Coming soon, there will also be NEW 2011 Series merchandise for purchase at the Romp Store!