End of Winter Snowshoeing

Just because the Romp is over, doesn’t mean the snow is gone! Get out there and enjoy the last few weeks of winter! Here are some great reasons why snowshoeing, even in March, is beneficial:

-Snowshoeing is calorie-burning and a great cardiovascular activity. Because you must lift your legs high and your body is working to stay warm, you actually burn more calories than running. It’s great for the heart and body!

-Experience the fresh, crisp, and clean mountain air. Good for the lungs!

-Beat the doldrums of the winter just by getting outside. Good for mentality!

-Taking the time to get out and snowshoe with friends or family (or even you dog) can be healthy both socially and emotionally!

-Snowshoeing is a low-impact exercise. Snow helps to absorb bumps and shocks, and thus is great for knee and ankle joints!

Remember these helpful tips:

-Dress in layers! It is warmer this time of year, even though it may not feel like it early in the morning. You will want to remove layers as the day goes on and the trail gets steeper.

-Bring extra water! Again, it is warmer this time of year, so you may sweat more. Bring enough water to replenish and hydrate.

-Look out for patchy areas. There could be some areas on the trail that are not snow-covered and you could easily lose your footing if not careful. Also, there could be some areas that give-way easily under the weight of your step, so be cautious if stepping over rocks, logs, under trees, near streams, etc.


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