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May 19, 2011

We discovered some great resources on nutrition by Tara DelloIacono Thies,RD–Clif and Luna Bar’s nutritionist! Check out this except on gluten or more nutrition articles from Tara.

Gluten used to be a word found only in the vocabularies of food scientists and registered dietitians. But today a friendly conversation over lunch with your co-workers may turn to the topic of gluten in food.  Supermarkets are devoting sections of the store to gluten free foods and the options available for those following a gluten free diet have grown exponentially over the last ten years. You may be wondering, “What is gluten anyway and why should I care if it is in my food?” Read on.

Gluten is a protein found in grains. If you have ever stretched pizza dough or kneaded bread, you have seen gluten at work. It is the component that makes the uncooked versions of these foods fabulously stretchy.  Gluten is found in many healthy grains. Wheat, barley, and rye are most commonly recognized for having gluten, and derivatives of these grains – like spelt, couscous, durum wheat, and triticale – also have the troublesome-to-some protein. Foods made from these grains – like pasta, bread, cereal, crackers, and even beer —  can also be expected to have gluten. For a more complete list of foods that contain gluten, check here

Gluten isn’t unhealthy, but for those that must avoid it, it is no joke. Unlike trans fats or large amounts of sodium, it isn’t necessary to avoid or limit gluten unless you are part of the one percent of the population that is burdened by celiac disease, an autoimmune gluten intolerance. The only known solution for people with celiac diseas is a strict avoidance of gluten. You may also choose to avoid gluten if you are one of the increasing numbers of people with gluten sensitivity. Over the past few years it has been discovered that people can have symptoms of gluten sensitivity without having celiac disease…. read complete article

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Thanks Kristen!
May 6, 2011

Whether you were a volunteer or a participant, many of you interacted with our Romp support staff Kristen Strand (better know at the Romp events as the “girl with the green snow pants”!). Today was Kristen’s last day with the Romp–as she’s decided to go back to school. We’re sad to see her go, but excited for her new adventure.

Kristen started as an intern for the 2009 event and as the Romp grew, we were excited to have her role grow with us! Many of you interacted with her through participant questions and volunteer coordination and know first-hand how organized, patient, and articulate she is.

I asked Kristen about how many participants she emailed with over the course of last year’s event and she estimated more than 1,000! She had never-ending energy that made the Romp events a true success.

If you interacted with her this last season, feel free to comment on this post (or the Facebook link) with some encouragement or a big thank you for all her hard work!

Think you might have what it takes to fill Kristen’s shoes? The Romp keeps growing and we’re hiring contract support staff to make sure our 2012 events (and 10th Anniversary!) are the best yet! Click here for open positions.

Thanks for a great Romp Season Kristen! We wish you the best

Kristen (right) leads the Columbia Portland Priority Check In


Kristen (far right) on our last day in Vermont--bidding farewell to the Bromley View Inn

Kristen gets in a bit of snowboarding after the Romp. Note the signature green pants!